Strategic Planning


The Gratiot County Community Foundation is excited about the growth within our organization since its establishment in 1992.  With this success comes the need for change within our organization, which is why we are currently going through the strategic planning process with our Board of Directors.  Our board and staff are committed to maintaining the support we provide in the community and we believe the strategic planning process will allow us to make the changes necessary to do so.

"The Gratiot County Community Foundation has reached a critical phase in its lifeline. I feel now is the appropriate time to focus our efforts on the strategic planning process, to formulate our objectives and strategies, implement the strategy, and be able to evaluate the progress of the Foundation. We have a clear mission statement and we have identified where we want to be in the next five years. This strategic planning process will help the board to ensure our success with our goals. Now is the time to take our vision of the Foundation and convert that vision into core strategies that will turn the vision into reality."
-Kevin Collison, President, Gratiot County Community Foundation Board of Directors

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