Alma Community Pool Fund

Provides funding for youth to become involved in swimming programs.

Alma Public Schools Fund

Helps fund technological improvements.


Alma Public Schools Fund for Science Education:

Supports education in the field of science.

Alma St. Louis Rotary Club Fund:

Supports current, as well as future, members of the organization to inspire giving back within the community.

American Red Cross, Mid-Michigan Chapter Fund:

Provides funding for the American Red Cross within Gratiot County.

Ashley Community Schools/Marcie Fabus Memorial Fund

Provides funding for various programs/projects that help enhance the education of students within the city of Ashley.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gratiot County Fund-Central Michigan

Supports the section of the organization located within Gratiot County.

Breckenridge Wheeler Area
Historical Society Fund:

Provides funding to help raise awareness of the rich history of the area.

Central Michigan Youth for Christ Fund

Helps provide a safe building for youth to come a celebrate their life, learn more about their faith, and spend time with friends.

Child Advocacy Fund

Provides funding for programs/projects for all children within the county.

Dr. James K. Hall Memorial Fund for American Red Cross Gratiot County Service Center

Generates grants to support the local Red Cross services.

Earl Davidson Wings of Mercy (East Michigan) Memorial Fund

Supports the funding of mercy flights through Earl Davidson’s name, within Wings of Mercy East Michigan.

Flavio A. Guerrero SSG Fund for Gratiot County Department of Veterans Affairs

Assists veterans in accessing benefits provided to veterans by county, state, and federal agencies.

Friends of Forest Hill Nature Area Endowment Fund

Provides funding to continuously update Forest Hill Nature Area.

GAIN Fund for Gratiot Animals in Need

Supports programs that directly help all animals within Gratiot County.

George & Linda Weburg Fund for Gratiot County Fair for Youth

Supports the funding for multiple events at the local fair.

Gratiot All Wars Memorial Preservation & Scholarship Fund

Provides funding to preserve the Gratiot All Wars Memorial.

Gratiot County Commission on Aging Fund

Supports the Commission with the goal of helping older adults remain independent.

Gratiot County Historical and Genealogical Society Fund

Provides funding to maintain the library, and other fees from research within the county.

Gratiot Emergency Housing Fund

Supports the expansion of housing for citizens within the county.

Gratiot Integrated Health Network Fund

Supports mental health & substance abuse services with Gratiot County.

Greater Gratiot Development, Inc.

Provides funding to help ensure the best quality of life & growth potential in Gratiot County.

Help Furry Friends Fund

Provides funding annually to supports the organization mission of creating projects and initiatives related to:

  • adopting rescued & sheltered animals
  • providing humane education in elementary classrooms
  • assisting local pet owners

Herbert H. Lueth Endowment-City of Alma Parks

Supports funding to enhance the City of Alma Parks and Recreation.

Hospice House Fund for Woodland Hospice

Supports Woodland Hospice in creating a welcoming atmosphere for their patients.

Ithaca Historical Society Fund

Provides funding to help raise awareness of the history within the city.

Ithaca Public Schools Fund

Assists with providing grants to all Ithaca Public Schools.

Laura Anne Barden Memorial Fund-Community Mental Health:

Supports programs that directly benefit the consumers served and supported by the Gratiot County Community Mental Health (CMH).

Leadership Endowment Fund – Supports Foundation Operations

Provides funding for leadership opportunities within the county.

Linda & George Weburg Fund for Gratiot County Historical Museum

Assists with preserving & expanding the local historical museum.

Margaret Drake Elliot Endowment for Drake House and BWAHS

Supports the funding for the expansion of updates & awareness of the Drake Memorial House located in Breckenridge.

Marguerite J. Brown Fund

For Patient Equipment Locker, United Methodist Church of Breckenridge & Gratiot County Historical Society Museum.

Michigan State University Extension Fund for Gratiot County

Assists with providing funds for the MSU Extension Fund in the county.

Mid-Michigan Industries Fund

Provides assistance for people across mid-Michigan with achieving greater independence, better work skills, and a higher quality of life.

MidMichigan Health-Gratiot Building and Equipment Fund

Assists with funding equipment for the local hospital, as well as preserving the building as a whole.

Patient Equipment Locker Cancer Fund:

Provides funding for the needs of Gratiot County residents diagnosed with any type of cancer.

Senior Activity Building Fund (Ithaca)

Supports the funding to continue the updating, as well as provide new activities, for the Senior Activity Building located in Ithaca.

St. Louis Area Historical Society Fund

Provides funding to raise awareness of the history within the city.

St. Louis Public Schools/Bill Sklener Memorial Fund

Supports the funding of educational material/projects for the schools.

United Way of Gratiot County Fund

Assists with funding programs to help physically, emotionally, and socially school-aged students in Gratiot County.

Vestaburg Community School Foundation Fund

Provides funding for programs, projects, and material for the schools.