Sue Dilts Memorial Art Scholarship

Sue Dilts

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About the Scholarship

This scholarship supports Gratiot County students in pursuit of arts education

Sue Dilts approached her mission as an art teacher at Ithaca High School with enthusiasm, creativity and encouragement of her students. Her love of art and teaching led her to provide her students with experience in a variety of mediums in a creative environment. Through her special gift of being an encourager, many of her students pursued careers using their artistic talents.

Sue's enthusiasm was infectious. Very talented in her mastery of calligraphy, pottery, fiber art, painting and photography, she also experimented in other art forms. "Sue was instrumental turning the Art Department at Ithaca High School into a very positive environment for studenst with all ranges of artistic talents," remembered Cheri Booth, Sue's sister. Her family established this scholarship soon after Sue's death in 1997 with the hope of continuing her legacy of inspiring the appreciation and study of art in all forms.

Number of Awards and Value

One for as much as $800


  • Must attend or be a graduating senior of a school in Gratiot County;
  • Must pursue education beyond the classroom in arts (e.g.,band camp, dance workshops, art class, etc.).

Scholarship Recipients


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Aleksander Jachimiak


Aleksander Jachimiak


Katy Arnold


Alex Kunkel


Paige Shaw


Lauren Duflo


Robert Thall


Austin Baadte


Rebecca Moffett


Melanie Yost