Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of YAC and how did it get started?
In 1993, the Gratiot County Community Foundation creates the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) to promote the involvement of youth in philanthropy and volunteerism. The goal of YAC is to empower youth to be active participants in community service and leadership. It is hoped that youth will take part in awarding of grants that will improve the quality of life in Gratiot County. 

Who can be in YAC?
Any youth who is living or attending high school in Gratiot County and who wants to be involved with making a difference in their community. By becoming a YAC member youth can: make a difference in their community, develop  leadership and organizational skills, earn about the grant making process to support youth who want to make a difference in their community. 

When and where does YAC meet and how many meetings do I need to attend?
YAC meets once a month, on a Sunday. The schedule is provided at the beginning of the year (usually in October). To be considered a YAC member, it is required to attend at least 5 events. YAC usually meets at the YFC building in Alma (2550 Cheeseman Road, Alma, MI 48801). Service projects also occur at the site of various organizations, all within Gratiot County. 

What happens at YAC meetings?
At each monthly meeting, YACers are either planning or completing a service project. Being in YAC, allows youth to get to know students from different schools and have fun while engaging in making a difference in the Gratiot County Community.

How do youth find out about YAC events?
A calendar of events is provided at the first YAC meeting of the year. The YAC leadership team will send out monthly reminders or you can check out any of our social media. Keep an eye on the YAC Calendar for this year's meeting dates. If the recruitment meeting has already passed, don't worry! 

New members are welcome to join at any meeting during the year.

Who supervises the youth and supports YAC?
While YAC is youth driven, adult volunteers are involved and provide support. Adult volunteers must complete a volunteer form and consent to a criminal history and background check.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (989) 875-4222 or ttravis@gratiotfoundation.org


Señora Kaufmann Memorial Scholarship


The Señora Kaufmann Memorial Scholarship was established in November 2020 by the family of Sally Kaufmann to honor her decades of service to teaching and continue her legacy in foreign language and education.  Señora Kaufmann’s passion for teaching Spanish and Hispanic culture, along with her special gift for connecting with her students and colleagues, made her a beloved educator.

Sally Kaufmann was dedicated to helping students further their education, achieve their goals, and literally explore the world.  She was a loyal confidant to countless students with whom she shared her wisdom and listened to their dreams. It is her family’s hope that the Señora Kaufmann Memorial Scholarship will assist Alma High School and other Gratiot County students pursue their passion in foreign language, travel, and international studies. 

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